Most Popular Festivals in Japan – Must Visit

Japan is a stunning land with a wealth of attractions for tourists. In Japan, there are over 30,000 separate festivals that showcase the best of the country’s religion. These Japanese festivals differ from one location to the next. A Matsuri is the most popular festival among the others in Japan. 

Everyone is welcomed to participate in these festivals and can enjoy the feel of the Country‚Äôs religion and culture. 

If visiting Japan, you cannot miss attending these festivals. Here is the list of some of the Japan festivals to enjoy. 

Gion Masturi – Most popular festival in Japan is held in the season of summer around the month of July. This festival has so much to enjoy from food, drinks to cultural events. In this festival, the procession of floats takes place attached with huge wheels. Wearing those traditional cultural dresses and participating or sightseeing the events in the festival is worth visiting Japan. 

Aomori Nebuta Matsuri – Another festival which one needs to enjoy when in Japan. This festival by name represents that it is celebrated in the Amori city in the month of August. You will enjoy seeing the floats that symbolize human or mythological figures. The dancers are called to add more happiness to the festival. Getting the proper feel of the nebuta festival, you must wear the traditional haneto dance dress. 

Kanto matsuri – It is the biggest festival in the country, people wait every year to visit Japan for attending and being a part of Kanto Matsui festival. In this people try to balance the Kanto or bamboos with lots of lights attached to it. While dancing, eating, and enjoying watching the festival the days pass by. 

Awa Odori -It is a vibrant and famous dancing event, which was held to praise returning ancestors. It takes place in the city center where competition among ren dancers is held through the festival. The dancing festival makes it very fun-loving and colorful and a must-visit to the tourists. 

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