Pros and Cons of Blackstone Futures

Each and every brokerage firm prides itself as the best in the field. The internet has many reviewers who have positive reviews about these firms. It is hard to know which one is truthful and which is not.

We shall dive deeper in what Blackstone Futures has to offer, their strong points and points of weakness. At the end of this article, you will be informed on every aspect of Blackstone Futures, their advantages and disadvantages and hence make a proper decision on whether to trade or not to trade with them.  

The Advantages of Blackstone Futures

Blackstone Futures is regulated by the FSCA of South Africa. It is a child company under Trade Nation Financial limited. Together they form a large global business that is regulated with ASIC in Australia and FCA in the UK. You can rest assured it is not a scam.

Secondly, Blackstone Futures offer same day withdrawals. People want their money available to them whenever they need it. This allows you have your money any day without delays. 

They also offer negative balance protection. Forex trading is a risky affair and it is easy to lose your money and fall in the negative bracket. With Blackstone Futures, the system has checks to avoid such circumstances.

Their customer service is top notch.  Blackstone Futures employ various channels to deal with customer’s complaints and issues. They use live chat, Whatsapp, office phone, email support and social media support. You can always choose whichever is suitable or available for you. Customer care representatives are well informed in all aspects from simply opening an account to forex trading strategies. They are always glad to assist.

The have several deposit and withdrawal methods. You can choose from Wire Transfer, bank transfer or debit and credit. 

They offer multiple trading platforms. CloudTrade which is their in-house trading platform is fast as it is based on cloud technology. Meta Trader 4 is another trading platform for those who do not want to be entangled in cloud technology.

Blackstone Futures offer trading education to customers. Anyone with an active account is able to access the materials on the website. These include weekly webinars to discuss the trending trading strategies. 

The Disadvantages

Blackstone Futures’ main disadvantage is the unavailability globally. It is based in South Africa and neighbouring countries which are Lesotho, Swaziland and Namibia. Would be clients in the US, UK or the rest of Africa have no way of trading with Blackstone Futures.

Trading platform software has advanced too. The arrival of Meta Trader 5 has not been incorporated into Blackstone Futures system. This denies the traders the latest of trading platform which is faster with advanced interface. 

Blackstone Futures have no Islamic account. Those of Islamic religion have their own rules concerning financial investments. Not catering for this group of individuals denies a lot of would be traders a chance to trade.

To Trade on Blackstone Futures or Not

Weighing on the advantages and the disadvantages outlined here, you will be able to make a choice whether to trade here or no. It is evident that Blackstone Futures offers many benefits compared to the disadvantages. 

However, at the end the decision lies with you.

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