How Much Should You Spend on Skip Hire?

Large skip hire is essential for a broad range of projects, including home renovations, garage clearouts, and large construction projects. However, many people are often confused by the costs of skip hire, with variations ranging from hundreds to thousands of dollars. In this blog post, we will discuss what goes into the cost of large skip hire and provide you with an accurate understanding of how much you should expect to pay.


The size of your skip will significantly affect the cost of your hire. Large skips can carry more substantial volumes of waste and, therefore, require more resources to transport and dispose of safely. The size of the skip not only impacts the cost of hire but might also determine the size of vehicles needed to haul it away. Therefore, the bigger the skip, the more expensive the cost.


The location of your project will also affect the cost of large skip hire. The transport distance from the skip hire company to your location can significantly impact the cost of the service. Areas that are further from the company rental yards will incur additional transport costs similar to remote or challenging to reach locations. Additionally, areas that are densely populated might incur additional expenses due to parking restrictions and the need for permit fees.

Waste Types

The type of waste that you intend to dispose of will also affect the cost of hiring a skip. Certain materials such as hazardous or specialised wastes, require additional care when being disposed of in landfills, and as such will cost more to remove. For instance, a skip meant for green waste will cost less when compared to hazardous materials such as asbestos. Additionally, construction debris might require the use of larger skips, and as such will have varying prices depending on the volume of waste generated.

Rental Duration

Skips can be rented for various periods, with costs varying depending on the duration that the skip is rented out. Customers are typically given rates based on rental duration, with extended periods incurring lower rates than short-term ones. Longer-term rentals will also require more flexibility in terms of dump times and pick-up dates with different levels of service agreements than short-term hires.

Additional Services

Additional services such as rapid pick-up and late collections will come at a cost – typically a surcharge depending on the location and service provider. Some companies will also provide additional equipment and labour, like loading and unloading, which can increase the total cost of service.

In conclusion, several factors impact the cost of large skip hire services. While prices may vary significantly depending on various service providers, understanding these factors will give you an idea of the cost range when planning to hire a skip. Keep in mind that the size, location, type of waste, rental duration, and additional services will all impact the final cost of your skip hire service. By being aware of these differences, you will be better able to make an informed decision on which service provider best suits your budget and needs.

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