This Is How To Measure Your Rings Perfectly With A Ring Size Chart

Are you looking for something that conveys your love language? Or do you want to spoil yourself this holiday season? Whatever the reason may be, one can never go wrong with rings. The best part is that you can choose from a plethora of options. Browse from promise rings for your best friends to eternity bands, engagement rings, anniversary bands, birthstone rings, and a lot more.

But the real task is determining your actual size even if you are buying it online. In such cases, using a ring size chart is the ideal method of picking the best one for yourself. Discover more details about it in this article.

Finding a ring the fits precisely

The internet has tons of articles helping buyers get their hands on their dream ring. But things are not that easy. If you have a well-fitted one, you can measure the diameter of its inner portion. For instance, a size 15 ring corresponds with a 15mm diameter ring.

Experts believe that your ring must fit your finger comfortably without causing strain on the muscles. Its grip must hug your finger to avoid slipping but should also be loose enough to slide when applied pressure. 

The U.S. ring sizes range from size 3-13.5 for adults. For women, sizes usually range from 3-9, whereas men’s rings are between 8-14. Furthermore, a size-3 ring can easily fit a finger of 14 mm. From here, the sizes rise accordingly. These are some of the tips that one must remember before purchasing.

What is a ring size chart?

For some people, finding things that fit like a dream can be as grinding as finding a soulmate. The same goes for rings. Some people have thin fingers, whereas others carry broad knuckles. Therefore, the concept of one size that fits all is usually irrelevant. In such cases, a ring size chart reduces every buyer’s tension.

It helps you measure your finger size accurately and get done with the hunt within a few seconds only. Although it is usually available in almost every store, you can also DIY it or purchase it from an online store to assist your quarantine online shopping. Apart from this, the internet is filled with different methods to make it at home using a few craft supplies only.

Things to remember while purchasing a ring

  • Avoid measuring your fingers when it is too cold or hot because the difference is more than your imagination. Always go for a warm setting.
  • Generally, broad knuckles demand a large size than usual.
  • Try to look for an adjustable ring to minimize the chances of ill-fitting.
  • Take your time while measuring and choosing a ring. Being in a hurry will only create hindrances in your search.

Now that you know the ring size chart basics buying a new ring becomes a piece of cake. Embark on a journey of togetherness with your significant other and tie the knot forever with this surprise ring.

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