Low vs high variance online casinos – Differences and playing tips

Online casinos offer a wide variety of games, each with different odds and payout variances. The difference between low and high-variance games you better manage your bankroll and maximize your entertainment value when playing online.  Variance refers to the risk profile or volatility of a casino game. Low-variance games provide frequent but smaller wins, while high-variance games offer bigger but less frequent payouts. With low-variance slots and table games, you’ll experience more consistent short-term results, while high-variance games feature bigger swings between wins and losses.

Game developers calculate variance based on the game’s hit frequency (how often a winning combination occurs) and payout sizes. Low variance titles land winning spins as much as 30% of the time. High variance slots and tables may only pay out winning hands 5-10% of the time.  Variance also depends on the game’s maximum payout potential. Low variance games typically have smaller jackpots, usually less than 1,000 your bet. High variance titles offer life-changing wins of 10,000 xs or more. These risk profiles allow you to set realistic win expectations. You also adjust your bet sizes appropriately and utilize bankroll management tactics to get the most entertainment from each casino game type.

Common High Variance Slot Games

  1. Modern video slots with multiple features
  2. Progressive and wide-area jackpot slots
  3. Penny slots with high max bets
  4. Slots with variable paylines and ways-to-win
  5. Titles with wild multipliers and bonus rounds

These high volatility slots deliver big scores less frequently. However, max payouts reach $1 million or more. Playing with larger bets opens the door to huge slot jackpots.

High Variance Table Game Examples

Like slots, some table games offer infrequent big payout opportunities:

  1. Blackjack side bets like 21+3 and Lucky Ladies
  2. Baccarat bets like Dragon 7 and Dragon bonus
  3. Roulette outside bets with 35:1 payouts
  4. Craps betting on proposition bets
  5. Video poker progressive jackpot variations

Wagering higher amounts on these high variance tables brings the chance for larger celebratory outcomes.

 Bankroll tips for low and high variance games

best online real money casino south africa is crucial to maximizing entertainment and minimizing risk at both low and high-variance online casinos. Consider these tips for each game variance:

Low Variance Games Bankroll Strategy

  • Play with smaller bankrolls, like $200-$500
  • Minimum bet 25-50% of the table minimum
  • Maximum bet 1-3% of your session bankroll
  • Withstand normal variance swings without betting more
  • Quit while ahead and bankroll is intact

Keeping bets small relative to your bankroll allows it to last. Have the discipline to ride out cooler periods without chasing losses by increasing your wager size.

High Variance Games Bankroll Tips

  • Require larger bankrolls, from $1,000 up
  • Minimum bets at least the table minimum
  • Maximum bets 1-5% of session bankroll
  • Prepare to handle larger winning/losing streaks
  • Quit after a big score to lock in profits

Larger bets amplify the big payout potential on volatile games. But be ready for bigger variance swings by having sufficient funds and betting a smaller percentage of your bankroll.

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