Five Best Dubbed Anime of All Time

Anime has always been one of the booming industries in Japan. The first is Manga. People all over the world have developed a love for this industry. You can watch free anime online, even watch anime dub. Therefore, it’s not a surprise it has gained so much popularity among youngsters. Some of the anime we see today are also based on manga. So, the question is what happens when we translate these unique animes into other languages? Do they lose their spark? Does some of the magic fizz out? This is a debate; anime lovers have been having from the beginning of time. 

I, personally as an anime lover think you have the best experience when you watch your favorite anime in Japanese. However, it needs to be dubbed in other languages; so that small kids who are not such fast readers can also enjoy them. Believe me, it is not something you should shelf and keep for some other time. It’s for right now.

So, I have tried to list some of the best online anime dubs in this article. You can watch these on VH anime online for free. You can also watch anime dub on the website. It is a treat for all anime lovers out there.


Gungrave is an anime that focuses on the man named Brandon Heat. It is an anime that has an interesting central plot and characters that are thrilling to watch. This anime is recommended for folks who want something a bit more than just another average action anime series. 


This is a family series. This anime focuses on three siblings, Kanba, Shouma, and Himari Takakura. This anime is recommended for people with a more serious taste in entertainment, as it deals with issues of a demanding sort. You can watch this free anime online on Vh anime.

School Rumble

School rumble is a light-hearted anime about two classmates, Harima and Tenma who slowly fall in love. It also focuses on their friends, and the relationship between them getting affected because one of the friends ends up having feelings for Tenma. This anime is recommended for anyone who wants to go back to their school days and relive them again. Nostalgia is strange.

Shinsekai Yori

This is a fantasy series. This deals with many issues. It’s about children with telekinetic abilities which are developed when they turn twelve. This brilliant anime is recommended for anyone who wants to watch something a bit more serious as well as interesting to watch.


Toradora is an anime that follows the lives of Ryuuji and Taiga. These two end up becoming friends and helping each other solve problems that have affected their lives in many ways. They call themselves the “Palmtop Tiger” group as they keep getting into trouble. As you continue watching the series, you’ll end up sympathizing with the characters. I recommend this anime to anyone who wants to watch an anime that is fun and filled with exciting characters.

Not all dubs are indeed created well. Dubbing anime into the English language is a challenging task. It requires talented artists and a lot of work. It’s only natural that some of the shows don’t have what it takes to recreate the magic in anime in another language. It is however a great viewing experience and you can visit Vh anime to watch anime free online anytime.

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