Get a Detailed Instead of Roundabout Guide on Getting DC Weed

Thanks to Washington D.C. passing Initiative 71, it’s now legal for the citizens of Washington to own, grow, or gift weed to other people. They can also buy weed on the medical level via doctor’s prescription. It’s a bit harder to get recreational weed though.

The city budget prevents dispensaries from being set up in D.C. in contrast to the wealth of dispensaries in Denver or L.A.  Here’s how you can legally get dc weed.

Online Guides with Weekly Updates on Cannabis Brands

  • What to Look For: You need to be aware of what to look for. If you’re a weed novice, read up on the subject at least then sample the wares before going hardcore or full-tilt on anything, because you’re in for a rude awakening or a bad trip if you take weed that’s too strong for you!
  • Dependable Guides: One of the hallmarks of excellence of a decent marijuana guide for D.C. cannabis is one that gives you the lowdown on legal ways to get cannabis. You can go the online dispensary route, especially if you have a medical prescription for it.
  • Weekly Updates and Specific Brands: Another good indicator that you have a good Washington D.C. marijuana supplier guide is one that provides you with recreational cannabis brands or websites that are on the up and up, with sampled and inspected wares.
  • No Medical ID DC Weed Storefronts: The default way to buy weed in D.C. even with Initiative 71 allowing recreational marijuana possession is to go to DC cannabis stores. It’s the closest thing to a recreational marijuana dispensary in Washington that doesn’t card you every time (a medical card that is). 
  • Complementary Weed Gift: You can also get your Washington weed fix by going the gift shop route or the route wherein you can buy your art supplies, school notebooks, greeting cards, or pens and pencils there instead of the local Target to get a freebie or complementary weed gift.
  • Highly Popular Way to Get D.C. Cannabis:There’re less of hoops and loops to go through with the rigmarole-free D.C. Weed Storefront method. They’re brick-and-mortar stores that the city voted for when legalizing marijuana in Washington. They’re compliant to I71 and you can walk-in to get to them.
  • A Few Downsides Here and There: These gift stores might have a line you’ll have to wait through like you’re in the DMV because of how popular they are. They’re walk-in stores that don’t require appointments though, so there’s an upside to that downside. 
  • A Guide Pointing You to Their Direction: The indicated link has the addresses of such indica and sativa gift stores available to you so when you get there, you’ll have plenty of time to peruse and less time asking needless questions. 
  • The Gifting Loophole: Although Washington highly discourages the building all sorts of dispensaries like it’s the second coming of weed-friendly Los Angeles, weed distributors have found the “gifting loophole” in I71 as the best course of action in allowing citizens to get their weed legally and with no police-based repercussions.

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