Crossdraw holsters- what is it and its benefits?

The cross-draw holsters are used to carry a small defensive revolver. This style of carrying a revolver is quite easy as well as comfortable especially when you are in the sitting position or a vehicle.

Benefits of using a crossdraw holsters-

Easy and comfortable– the design of cross-draw holsters is such that you feel comfortable and can access the gun easily whenever you want. This is one of the biggest advantages and you wear it while you are in the woods hunting or going hiking.

No chance of gun grab– unlike other draws where your opponent can grab the gun from behind this cross draw won’t let the opponent grab the gun from behind. Also, if there is hand to hand encounter with the opponent where you cannot raise your elbow. The cross draw can be performed as you don’t require to raise your elbow to reach the gun. You can draw a gun from behind the hip.

Medical benefits– if you are injured on the shoulder then drawing the gun from behind will be hard. In that case, also cross-draw holsters are handy for the owner with medical problems.  Most people’s hip or back require weight to be shifted away from the pelvic area. Those people cannot wear the belt while they are recovery time. Therefore, people with medical reasons and orthopedic reasons choose crossdraw holsters.

Tips to choose cross draw holster

1. Concealment– make sure that the cross draw holster you buying has concealment. Concealment is necessary as when you are in a threatening situation, you can take advantage of surprising your adversary.

2. Materials- you don’t want a cross draw that is made with low-quality material that wears out easily since you want to invest in something that would ensure your safety and ease of carrying a gun around. Look for the material for a cross-draw holster that lasts for decades and doesn’t get damaged.

3. Removable– check that the cross draw holster you buying has an easy attachment and detachment option. So that you can remove it from your cloth or attach it easily whenever you are going somewhere.

4. Gender– depending on your gender you can find various designs of cross-draw holsters. Men and women have different structures and their strength, as well as the size of a hand, also differ this is the reason you need to consider your gender.

5. Trigger guard– make sure that your trigger guard is protected as you don’t want it to get damaged while accidents. Therefore, choose rigid material for your trigger guard and check other security features available for the gun.

Some of the features to keep in mind are- retention straps, perfect fit for your gun, breathable elastic material, etc.

Now that you know all about cross-draw holsters and how to use them as well as tips to choose a good cross-draw holster you can also buy one for yourself. You can look at the store and choose your cross-draw holster.

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