Five Most Popular Different Types Of สูตรบาคาร่า

Many gamblers prefer baccarat games. These games are not only popular in the land based casinos but most famous in the online casinos. Through the use of laptops and mobile phones, you can play it. Before you start to learn about the baccarat about how to play, the first important thing is to know the games’ versions. You must win the baccarat games if you have more patience. Now we are going to discuss its different types. Let us see!

1 Three card baccarat

 According to Macau’s gamblers and Asians, the three-card baccarat game is one of the most popular versions of the baccarat formula. In this game, a total of 52 cards are used in the single desk. The basic rule of the three card baccarat is that the player and the banker have all the same numbers of points with both, then the winner is the one who has more face cards in their hands. If this is not, the game will be a tie.

2 Punto banco

The first version of the baccarat game is punto banco. It is found in many places in the land-based casinos like in the US and some of the parts of Europe. In this version of the baccarat formula, eight decks of cards in the shoe are used in the casino banks during rounds and the play hands. This version proves out the most popular in casino games.

3 Mini-baccarat

This game follows the same Punto banco rules because Mini baccarat is another version of the game punto banco. The strategies of this game are also more uncomplicated. This version is almost the same as that of blackjack, which is the most famous casino game. In this, you have no right to touch the cards. This game is famous all over the world but especially in the US.

4 Chemin de fer

This game is popular basically in France and Europe but not in the US. You play against the other player, not the dealer in this version, and this is the primary difference between the Baccarat games and the chemin de fer. In this game, you have to sit at a big table with the accessories and the 14 players and have palettes by which the players move the cards.

Online baccarat

You can also enjoy Baccarat games online. It is a unique way to play the baccarat online as compare to the land-based version. You have many more features to see in the online baccarat. There is also a bad point of the online baccarat that it seems to be impersonal.


 Most popular versions of the สูตรบาคาร่า as explained to you earlier. In short, you can enjoy the different variety of baccarat games. One of the baccarat versions is Mini baccarat, which is good because it follows the same strategies as that of the blackjack. That is why  if you are looking for playing baccarat then there you should also read out that strategies.

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