How Can you Spot a Genuine and Fake Grade 5 Titanium Solvent Trap Kit?

6 inch .22 LR solvent trap, 1.050″ with stainless steel cups – Solvent  Trapper

A solvent trap kit has become an important tool for maintaining firearms, which helps improve firearm safety, reliability, accuracy, and overall performance. Solvent trap features cups that trap byproducts created during the cleaning process. The solvent trap kits are usually made of steel, aluminum, and titanium tube. While these materials are excellent for solvent trap cleaning kits, your choice of these materials depends on you and your preference.

If durability, strength, and anti-corrosiveness are your primary concerns, then you should go for a titanium solvent trap kit. There are several fake grades 5 titanium solvent trap kits in the market. But do you know what makes solvent traps legal and genuine? Continue reading to find out.

Difference Between a Genuine and Fake Grade 5 Titanium Solvent Trap Kit

Are you considering saving a few dollars to end up with a fake and illegally made solvent trap kit instead of going for a top-level titanium solvent trap kit? You may want to change your mind after reading this:

There are many companies overseas claiming to sell quality titanium solvent trap kits when they are not. These products are made of substandard, lower-quality metals. At best, the project contains a small percentage of titanium mixed with cheaper metal composites. Most of these imported products are seized at customs due to illegal properties that can often create problems for you as the buyer, such as getting a visit from the ATF.

Why Are Constructive Intent and Illegal Solvent Traps Seized?

While there are several reasons why customs seize fake solvent traps kits, the major reason is constructive intent. For instance, center marks on any of the products mean it may likely be used for anything other than cleaning a firearm. The problem is that these suppliers will claim that the solvent traps don’t have center marks, but after ordering and getting it delivered, you will discover that they ship you center-marked products.

Do not purchase solvent trap kits from overseas suppliers, as this may lead to felony charges when the product is seized at customs. Keep in mind that ATF doesn’t care how overseas suppliers label their products. If the product you order has center marks and is seized at customs, you will receive a notification from the ATF with another situation on your hand.

Choosing a Quality Grade 5 Titanium Solvent Trap Kit

If you own multiple firearm types and require a lot of maintenance tasks, you need a quality grade 5 titanium solvent trap kit because they are reliable and sturdy. These types of solvent trap kits will not wear out fast and don’t get easily damaged. Quality titanium solvent trap kit is more difficult to come by in the industry. However, if you are looking to buy a genuine grade 5 titanium solvent trap kit, you may want to consider Armory Den. The brand offers you adaptive solvent trap kits that every firearm owner would need and want.

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