Garden statues- beautiful figures to add to the aesthetic appeal of your garden.

Garden statues have been one of the most prominent types of garden decorations used worldwide. They have been among the most popular kind of garden accessories used even in historical times. The Ancient Greeks and Romans used a variety of sculptures, and marble garden statues to decorate their palaces and gardens.

The most premiant garden decorators and landscape artists from Florence and Italy. Are also known to have very skillfully placed a variety of sculptures and statues across gardens to enhance the beauty of the landscape. Some of the most commonly used types of garden statues include:

Beautiful gazing spheres:

These gazing spheres are also referred to as yard globes. They are also called garden globes, gazing balls, chrome balls, lawn balls, mirror balls, etc. These ball-shaped structures are highly polished. They have a great mirror finish to them. These garden globes, garden balls, or gazing balls are usually displayed on wrought iron stands that hold them. 

These mesmerizing objects can be placed on any lawn or garden because they are very beautiful to look at. Many curious animals and birds like squirrels, crows, and sparrows enjoy looking at their reflections in these balls. One can enjoy watching these animals play with the mirror globe in the garden. it can be extremely entertaining for children as well.

Pretty bathtub Madonna that looks very pretty:

This unique sculpture is also often referred to as a lawn shrine. Some may choose to call it the “Mary in the half shell”. It also goes by some other names like bathtub Mary and bathtub shrine. These are private shine-like structures that one can choose to place in the backyard lawn or garden. These mini shrines are popular garden ornaments all across the United States of America.

It usually comprises a half-cut bathtub forming the hood or roof for the shrine. Within this structure, one can often find a roman catholic religious figure. This is then surrounded by pebbles and beautiful flowering plants.

Lawn jockeys:

Lawn jockeys are small statues of a man wearing clothes that resemble a jockey’s clothes. These lawn ornaments also known as garden ornaments are popular in several states of the United States of America. They are placed across the foot trails in gardens. These creative sculptures are also placed on front yards and hitching posts.

The classic and cute looking garden gnomes:

Garden gnomes are one of the most popular types of garden ornaments popular all across the United States of America and Canada. They represent humanoid creatures that resemble dwarf-like creatures. They wear iconic red caps that are conical and pointed. These garden ornaments are extremely popular and can be easily recognized. They are among the most widely used garden ornaments today. they can be found commonly in many lawns and gardens.

Concrete geese sculptures:

Like the garden gnomes, these concrete geese are also among the most popularly used garden ornaments. They are also referred to as the porch goose and the lawn goose. They are popular in Midwestern states.

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