Support IDF Soldiers: Shouldn’t We Help Them?

Do you know over 7,000 troops serve in the IDF without families, with nearly half of them not being Israeli citizens? Soldiers who had an abusive childhood, were orphans, or came from families who abandoned them when they opted to join the army make up a small percentage of the army.

When the rest of the world is celebrating festivals or Shabbat, these troops are left alone and forgotten. These soldiers make tremendous sacrifices in order to serve our country. We at Meir Panim make every effort to assist IDF personnel.

How To Support IDF Soldiers? 

By donating, you can show your support and care for these lonely troops. These soldiers would receive hot Shabbat meals, holiday meals, or food shipments. Meir Panim stresses the importance of dedication, support, and care in the fight against food insecurity, hunger, and emotional misery by establishing a cohesive community. We provide a platform that connects IDF soldiers with people who care about them and want to help. This is how you can support IDF soldiers

The Meir Panim Project: Supporting the IDF

Treating IDF soldiers to a Shabbat or holiday meal is a great way to show your support and gratitude. We provide our defenders with hot and delectable meals anytime they are in need. We care about every person who needs our help, whether he is a combat soldier or a fresh recruit, or a crippled veteran whose family is struggling to make ends meet. We move forward to extend a helping hand when we see a soldier in need.

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