Understanding the varieties in slot games

Online slot games are becoming popular in times of pandemic. Anyone can start playing slot games online using the websites like สล็อตออนไลน์ if they know the gameplay of various slot games as below.

Variety of games in slot machines

Slot machine games can be classified into three types based on the number of reels and pay lines, and the state of the winning amount. They are as follows, 

Reel slots – If there are three reels on the slot machine, the game is known as a reel slot. The reel slot game is the pioneer in slot machine history, and the bettors had played on three-reel slots a decade ago. There will only be one pay line over these reels to indicate the winning combination. The gameplay is simple. You have to place your bet in the form of coins or through deposits online. Once you place your bet, you can select any character on the reels and link your bet on it. After your selection, you can spin the reels. They will stop at a point, and the pay line will fall over a symbol from each of these reels. If the three symbols are what you have guessed earlier, you will win. You will get the payout based on the values on the paytable. Each character will have a different payout, and you can get to know about these using the paytable. 

 Video slots – There will be no drastic alterations in video slot games from that of the reel slots. There will be only one difference in the numbers of reels and pay lines. In a video slot game, you will get to play with five-reel slot machines. Also, there will be a minimum of nine pay lines that can go up to a thousand in some cases. You have to choose the character on the reel, along with the pay line you wish to be active while you place your bet. Your winning combination will be the combination of symbols that come under this active pay line you have selected before. Each pay line will have a specific bet amount to get it activated. Once your guess comes true below the active pay line, you will win the payout. Since there are several pay lines, the possibility of getting the right combination will be less. So, the payout will be somewhat high compared to reel slots. 
Progressive slots – There will be no difference in terms of gameplay between reel or video slots and progressive slots. However, there will be a difference in the payout amount of the games. In a progressive slot, the winning amount will be rising on its own. Every time a player puts his bet amount on any of the connected slot machines in that casino, the progressive slot’s winning amount will increase by taking up a part of the player’s bet. The one who gets the right combination can take the money as a whole. This winning amount is known as the Jackpot. 

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